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Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth

Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth

Oral-B is a brand known for producing technologically advanced electric toothbrushes, and with their Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth® they have taken oral care to the next level.

This ‘first-of-its-kind’ electric toothbrush facilitates Bluetooth communication with your smartphone and thereby ensures that you clean your precious pearls in the best way possible.

All you need to do is download the ‘Oral-B’ app on your device and you can start getting real-time feedback about your brushing habits from the Oral-B Pro 5000, and much more.

The Toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro 5000 isn’t just an interesting electric toothbrush because of its Bluetooth technology, it is also a great toothbrush that gets rid of plaque and cleanses your teeth thoroughly, even without the app.

Compared to manual toothbrushes, the Oral-B Pro 5000 electric rechargeable toothbrush removes 2x more plaque. This can be owed to its clinically proven 3-D cleaning action as it rotates, pulsates and oscillates to break up the plaque.

Its wide range of features makes it worth every penny, especially when you are having trouble cleaning certain areas of your teeth. The CrossAction Brush Head comes with impeccably angled bristles and gives a clean and a healthy shine to your teeth.

The Oral-B Pro 5000 can be used in 5 modes according to the user’s requirements:

  • Daily Clean mode
  • Whitening mode
  • Sensitive mode
  • Gum Care mode
  • Deep Clean Senses

See the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth in action:

It has a pressure sensor alert which lights up on the toothbrush, as well as on your smartphone, when you brush too hard, thus preventing your teeth from the damage of over-brushing.

This SmartSeries device is compatible with electric brush head refills by Oral-B, except for the Pulsonic & battery refills.

It is equipped with an in-handle timer, which signals every 30 seconds to switch to the next quadrant of the mouth to be cleaned.

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The Oral-B app

OralB-appThe Oral B app has a number of neat functions, like storing your brushing activity and reporting it back to you so you can enhance your daily brushing.

You can program the brush in order to create a personalized brushing program. But the best feature is the ability for your dental professional to program the app and thereby enables you to focus on the areas that need extra attention!

Download the Oral-B app in the AppStore or GooglePlay.

en_app_rgb_wo_60 appstore

So what can the app can do?

  • Track your brushing habits over time
  • Help you to focus on areas that require extra attention
  • Sence when you are brushing too hard (also on the brush itself)
  • Motivating you with oral care tips
  • Instructing when the brushing session is over and when to switch sides (also on the brush itself)


With all these best-in-class features packaged in the Oral-B Pro 5000, one can rest assured that they are giving their teeth the proper care they deserve.

The addition of Bluetooth might not seem useful at first glance, but it can be a great addition for those who require certain areas of the mouth to receive more attention, as your dental professional can program the brush (using the app) for you.

Price (+/-): $100