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Dental Grill

Dental Grills / Grillz: Are They Safe?

Dental grills, or grillz, have become a fashion trend over the last years inspired mainly by hip-hop artists, but also celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna are known to show off some shining teeth.

So bling is in the air, but are they safe to wear?

History of Dental Decorations

teeth-gemsDespite the relatively recent trend in wearing grills, teeth decorations are not new: 2500 years ago, Native Americans used to put gems on their teeth as a fashion statement. Also, the Vikings were known to alter their teeth, and certain Vietnamese tribes color their teeth black by chewing on the Betelnut.

So decorating teeth is nothing new, but can grills cause damage?

Are Grills Safe To Wear?

The short answer is we don’t know yet, but when you wear one, use common sense! We have also listed our tips and suggestions for you below.

Currently, there are no studies that show that wearing a grill can cause damage to your teeth, but it is important to realize that no studies have been performed to demonstrate that long-term wear is safe either!

So if you consider buying one, bear in mind that it can actually cause damage when you wear it for longer periods of time.

Despite the laissez-faire attitudes regarding grill wearing, common sense and good dental hygiene should always rule the thinking of grill wearers. Here are some common sense ground rules for grill-loving guys and gals.

Purchase Your Grill At a Professional

In case you plan to wear your tooth bling more than occasionally, then spending time and money to get a right one initially is a must. An established dentist requires a solid or imprint of your teeth and creates a custom teeth grill specifically fitted to your jaws.

The best fit may help prevent unnecessary damage that may otherwise occur. Don’t go cheap on something that can cause damage. It might not be apparent directly, but you will pay the price in the end!

Know Your Metals

Metal allergic reactions are relatively common. So in case you select the wrong material for the grill, you possibly will not be thrilled with the outcome. Gold is usually a safe and durable material for grill designs.

If you don’t know whether you are allergic to materials such as nickel, it is wise to test this before purchasing a grill.

Clean Your Grill & Your Teeth


We know we need to brush twice a day and floss. This routine is important, especially while wearing a grill. Your dentist’s cleanings also help to ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned and helps to detect any problems at an early stage.

Even if your jaws jewelry appears to be shiny, cleaning your grill is important to prevent tooth decay along with infections.

Bacteria and food get lodged in the grill and your teeth, increasing the prospect of plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing your teeth in addition to cleaning your grill daily (by brushing, or with a soapy solution) are necessary to mitigate bacterial risks associated with wearing a grill.

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Limit Your Grill Moment

Grill fans shouldn’t wear their particular jewelry constantly. You should not sleep, eat or play sports while wearing your grill, because this can cause serious damage to your teeth and overall health, on both the short- and long-term.

Mind Your Intake

Individuals who smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol are at greater risk of oral disease and tooth decay, so pay extra attention to your teeth while wearing a grill.

Again, you might think “I don’t need to do that, I’m good”, while in a few years you will have to pay the price and think “I wish I didn’t … “. There is no turning back.

Consult a Professional

Dentist Tips

Dentists are an excellent source of information with respect to what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy, especially when wearing a grill. There is no honor in having a bling smile while having bad breath, or the need to wear a grill to hide your decaying teeth.

By visiting your dentist regularly, s/he can provide information on wearing a grill and can provide information on new products or better techniques for home care.

At the same time, your dentist can help you learn about which foods and substances have the biggest impact on your oral health.

Your dentist is not only familiar with best practices, but also how different health conditions (such as diabetes or gum disease) or behaviors (such as your eating habits) are likely to impact your oral health.

Visit your dentist every 6 to 12 months for routine cleaning and inspection of your teeth and gums. This should have a clear priority while wearing a grill since you can prevent serious problems from occurring.

Your vigilance with respect to dental health can prevent cavities, tooth decay, and many other conditions that are detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.