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Top Ten Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Top Ten Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Are you brushing and flossing your teeth on a healthy schedule? Brushing and flossing is only one part of the routine necessary to keep your teeth clean.

Follow our oral health tips below to improve and maintain the health of your teeth.

1. Brush Twice a Day

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You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, once you get up and before you go to bed. These two times of the day are most crucial to keeping up with your oral health.

This is because your saliva dries on your teeth at night, which causes a build-up of plaque.

Plus, eating throughout the day can cause even more plaque build-up. If you don’t clean your teeth off, the plaque can cause cavities. Learn how to brush your teeth properly using our guide.

2. Get Your Teeth Straightened

Getting your teeth straightened can help avoid massive plaque build-ups and help you self-clean your teeth. Since straighter teeth are easier to clean, it also makes it easier for hygienists to clean during routine cleanings.

If you have braces, you will need to work on keeping the wires and braces rubber bands clean, too.

3. Take Care of Your Toothbrush

Taking good care of your teeth also means taking care of your toothbrush. After all, you are using this tool every day.

Once you are done brushing your teeth, you should make sure to rinse it off and keep it stored in an upright position. You should also make sure to keep it out in the open to allow the bristles to dry.

Once your toothbrush starts deteriorating, you should purchase a new one. As recommended by the American Dental Association, you should replace your toothbrush every three to four months.

4. Visit Your Dentist

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Routine teeth cleaning is important to maintaining a good oral health. Getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist will remove plaque and bacteria build-up.

It can also be used to screen for cavities or diseases your mouth may be exposed to. Checking these things can benefit both your heart and teeth from a variety of diseases and inflammation.

5. Eat Healthier

Regularly drinking alcohol, coffee, or smoking can cause stains on your teeth. Soda and juice can have the same effect. Aim to eat and drink healthier instead.

If you do drink and eat foods that are bad for your oral health, you should brush your teeth after you finish them.

6. Eat Teeth-Cleaning Foods

Foods that are either crisp or firm can help to clean your teeth. Apples are the most common choice, but other well-known foods are celery and raw carrots.

To help clean your teeth throughout the day, scatter these “detergent” foods in your meals in case you can’t brush after you eat.

7. Floss Every Day

If you can’t floss your teeth twice a day, you should work on flossing at least once per day. Brushing only cleans your teeth halfway; food that’s still stuck to your teeth and gums can cause serious oral health conditions such as cavities.

8. Use Mouthwash

Best mouthwashes

To freshen your breath and maintain your mouth’s cleanliness, consider using mouthwash every day. Try to find an alcohol-free mouthwash.

A lot of popular mouthwash varieties contain alcohol. This can actually cause the tissues in your mouth to become dry which makes them more vulnerable to bacteria.

Your dentist will be able to suggest a good mouthwash or even prescribe one.

9. Brush Your Tongue

Every time you brush your teeth, you should also brush your tongue. Most of the bacteria in your mouth reside on your tongue, so brushing helps to fight off the bacteria.

Doing this can help you keep your teeth clean and prevent bad breath. You can purchase a tongue and cheek cleaner at your local drug store, which will make the task much easier.

10. Find the Best Dentist

Choosing the best dentist for your needs is vitally important for the health and cleanliness of your teeth. Don’t choose the first person who accepts your insurance.

Do some thorough research first so you can find the best dentist. Ask for recommendations from friends and family members.

You can also read reviews from patients and hear all about their experiences. Set up consultations with a few different dentists so you can get the feel of the office, ask any question you have, and determine a proper treatment plan.


Having clean teeth is crucial for the overall health of your body. By following these tips, you can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and sparkling. Make sure you add oral health to your list of priorities.

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