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The 6 Best Books To Playfully Learn Your Toddler Why And How To Brush

The 5 Best Books To Playfully Learn Your Toddler Why And How To Brush

Learning your toddler the importance of brushing his/her teeth is something to start with early. But some toddlers don’t like to have their teeth brushed, which can be a real hassle every morning and night. So how to deal with that?

There are some fun books that can really help children to tolerate brushing and even get them to like it! Making the next step, learning to brush their teeth themselves, much easier!

We have made a list of the best books that help you to educate your kid in a playful manner, and get them to like brushing!

Brush Your Teeth, PleaseBrush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-up Book

Age: 2 – 5 years.
This great pop-up book is very attractive for toddlers and makes them want to imitate the animals in the book. Lions, monkeys, sharks and more, all taking care of their teeth!

Sesame Street Ready, Set, BrushSesame Street Ready, Set, Brush

Age: 2 – 5 years
Elmo, Zoe and other characters from Sesame Street illustrate to youngsters how to take care of their teeth. With great pop-ups that seem to come alive, children like to brush their teeth after reading this book. Great fun!

Brush, Brush, Brush! Brush, Brush, Brush! (Rookie Toddler)

Age: 1 and up
Using interactive rhyming, the great illustrations show your toddler the importance of brushing your teeth. This book introduces teeth brushing in a very fun way.

Pony Brushes His Teeth

Pony Brushes His Teeth (Hello Genius)

Age: 2 – 4
Children are impressed by the pony and will let you brush their teeth, just like pony! With great illustrations, pony learns to brush his teeth, just like daddy.

Luc the Lion Learns Why it’s Important to Brush His Teeth: The Safari Children’s Books on Good Behavior

Age: 3 – 7
Luc the lion didn’t care much about his teeth as a child, but has learned that his teeth are really important! Luc passes his wisdom to children and learns them the importance of taking care of your teeth. With great illustrations to support the words, this book will appeal to any child.

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